The voucher can be only used in store, not online.


You're looking for a present but don't know what in particular or what colour or size ? Get a voucher, let your loved ones choose on their own and make them happy!! You can choose from 20€ to 100€ (5€ steps) & 110€ to 150€ (10€ steps).


There are serveral ways to receive your voucher:
- Pay for shipping
  If you choose this, we will send you a physical voucher nicely packed with    love. 
- Pick up in shop
  If you choose PICK - UP  in shop, you can come by & pick up your  

  voucher in store.

- Email

 Do you prefer to get your voucher via email? That is also possible! Choose the 'pick up in shop' option ( so you dont pay shipping ) and leave your email address in the 'Add a note' field. Your voucher will be send within 24 hours to your inbox.


The voucher can only be used in store.