• Who doesn't love a good dress, I mean it’s so easy, you put ONE thing on and you are ready to go! 

    This super cute dress from our new Wildlife collection is perfect for all body types. It can be made in all sizes from XS to L and in all the different Velour animal prints available.

    It comes with a fully functional zipper in the front, which makes it not only cute but also super sexy AND super easy to put on and take off.

    It comes with a detachable belt so you can always decide weather you are feeling like you need an extra accessory or not.


    Sizes XS-XXXL but if you are not sure which is your perfect fit, PICK CUSTOM SIZE and send us your measurements!

    -Height, breast, waist and hips :)

    ***Custom Size Items can not be Returned***


    Shipping takes 4-5 work days since these dresses are made by order.