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TUE - FRI 12 - 7 pm     SA 12 - 6 Pm 

Grünberger str. 88  10245 Berlin 

To live or exist together in peace, at the same time or in the same place, despite all differences 

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


This is what  coexist & our company stands for. 

Is it the love & support we give each other to be who you are or who you want to be. Or the place where international brands, as well as independent, new designers can be found side by side, creating a whole new experience with their unique and special items. 


Founded in 2011 as the alternative, slowfashion label -INDYANNA-, the company was the dream of a young German fashion design graduate, who freshly moved to London. After two years of selling handmade items in different stores, Anna went back to Germany start a new adventure. Her own store in Berlin.


While designing and sewing under her brand in a small workplace for some years & selling the handmade pieces international, Anna always kept an eye on her goal. Till 2014, when she finally opened her own concept store in Berlin - Friedrichshain.


The alternative fashion store for weird people follows the concept to make every visit an adventurous experience.

Between 90s/00s nostalgic, the conscious non-existing uniformity and specific oddity, you can find handmade designer pieces, international labels and the fashion studio & tailor room for the in house brand Indyanna.

After exciting initial years, the small business  grew with Sophia (Sewing - Indyanna), Jessica ( Store - Customer Service - E-Commerce), Denise (Store - Social Media - E-Commerce) & Katharina (Store - Social Media) as new members of the Coexist family, while Anna designing & creating more extraordinary items & managing this creative space with love & passion.

Since 2018 you can also find Coexist online & shop their items from all around the world. 


„As fashion & clothing is one of the greatest ways to show yourself to the world, we wanted to give everyone the chance to show their unique selfs exactly as they want to. 


Our aim was to create a space for the misfits, the wicked, the WEIRD.  

A place for the strange & special where they can express themselves. 


There is no need to hide, be creative, be brave, try something new, find yourself.“



Show the world who you are !

Stay proud. Stay fierce. STAY WEIRD !